Bar Pointing Machine

Capacities :

  Models   Capacities
  TMT-BP-40   12mm to 40mm dia round
  TMT-BP-65   20mm to 65mm dia round
  TMT-BP-75   30mm to 75mm dia round


Construction of The Machine :
The body & base of the machine will be of rigid casting.

Head Stock :
The machine will have geared head with four speed change system.

Cutting Operation & Feeding :
The Cutting tools is mounted in a cutter head which in turn is fixed on a revolving spindle and the bar to be turn is move by slide against the revolving cutter head on the bar. During the cutting operation the feeding of the material will be automatic.

Electrical Drive & Coolant Pump (Require) :
  Models   H.P./RPM/VOLTS Coolant Pump No
  TMT-BP-40  05 HP/1440/415V   RK/1/170
  TMT-BP-65  05 HP/1440/415V   RK/1/170
  TMT-BP-75  7.5 HP/1440/415V   RK/1/170

Warranty:- All our machine have a warranty of six month against manufacturing defects.

Note : As we are constantly striving for improvement, we reserve the right to modify the design and price of the machines without notice,.