Centerless Bar Grinding Machine

Introduction :
Tejinder  Centreless Grinder TMT-CG-75  for high production and reliability. This machine is designed  for both through feed and infeed grinding and suitable for work-piece of 1,5 mm to 75 mm dia. This machine can be used to grind components of ferrous and non-ferrous material as well as other materials like glass, rubber and plastic using suitable grinding and regulating wheels.

New bed is designed with emphasis laid on higher rigidity and stability of machine. The structure of machine minimises thermal deformations. Slide ways have been designed as wide as possible for better accuracy of machining. Special stress has ben laid on grinding wheel head and regulating wheel head. Ultra precision bearings are being used. Grinding wheel assembly is statically balanced to minimise vibrations. The layout of controls has been designed in such a way so that operator can perform all operations from his working place.

    75 mm
  Grinding Wheel
  Diameter               350 mm
  Width               100 mm
  Bore               125 mm
  Grinding Wheel
   Min.     1800 RPM
   Max.     2000 RPM
  Regulating Wheel
  Diameter              225 mm
  Width              100 mm
  Bore              075 mm
  Regulating Wheel
   Min.    20 RPM
   Mid.    40 RPM
   Max.    100 RPM
  Power Requirement
  Grinding Wheel Motor              05.5/07.5 KW/HP
  Regulating Wheel Motor              0.55/0.75 KW/HP
  Coolant Pump Motor              0.07/0.1 KW/HP
  Hydraulic Unit Motor              0.55/0.75 KW/HP
  Dimension and weight
  Length              1620 mm
  Width              1070 mm
  Height              1500 mm
  Net Weight Approx.              1370 Kg.

Standard Accessories
One Grinding Wheel
One RegulatingWheel
Two Truing Devices
Coolant Pump with tank
Grinding Wheel Puller
Grinding Wheel Pulley Puller
Grinding Wheel Regulating Wheel nut spanner.
Workrest blade for through grinding
Splash guards
Allen Keys and spanners Set.
Electrical Controls suitable for 3 Phase, 415 volts, 50 Hz, AC Supply

Note : As we are constantly striving for improvement, we reserve the right to modify the design and price of the machines without notice..