Round Bar Straightening Machine

Introduction :
Tejinder Round Bar Straightening Machine of reeling type are must for all Manufacturers of bright bar drawn shafting will find better advantages and finish to straighten bars before turning components being manufactured. The beauty of our design are to incorporate maximum possible facilities their users incurring extra investments. We have a standard practise of seasoning our casting and stress relivnig our all fabricated structures.

 TMT-RB-15   5mm to 15mm   03 H.P.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-25   10mm to 25mm   05 H.P.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-40   15mm to 40mm   10 H.P.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-50   20mm to 50mm   15 H.P.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-65   20mm to 65mm   10 H.P. TWO No.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-80   25mm to 80mm   25 H.P. TWO No.  1440 RPM
 TMT-RB-100   40mm to 100mm   30 H.P. TWO No.  1440 RPM

Note : As we are constantly striving for improvement, we reserve the right to modify the design and price of the machines without notice..