Draw Bench Machine

Capacities :

  Models   Capacities
  TMT-DB-25   08 mm to 25 mm dia round
  TMT-DB-38   12 mm to 38 mm dia round
  TMT-DB-65   20 mm to 65 mm dia round
  TMT-DB-75   30 mm to 75 mm dia round


Length of The Machine :
The length of the machine will be of 30 ft. approx.

Construction of The Frame :
The Frame of the machine will be of channels and the chain on the upper and lower side will be supported by channels.

Gear Box :
The gear box will have four speed change system having casehardened gears.

Drawing Carriages & Die Block :
The machine will be proved with drawing carriages fro single drawing. Carriage and die head block for double drawing will have extra price.

Carriages Back Mechanism :
An Automatic Carriage back mechanism will be provided with the machine.

Electrical Drive & Coolant Pump (Require) :
  Models   H.P./RPM/VOLTS
  TMT-DB-25   10 HP/1440/415V
  TMT-DB-38   15 HP/1440/415V
  TMT-DB-65   20 HP/1440/415V
  TMT-DB-75   25 HP/1000/415V

Note : As we are constantly striving for improvement, we reserve the right to modify the design and price of the machines without notice,.