Combined Drawing Machine (Schumag Type)

Tejinder Combine Drawing straightening, cutting, Polishing is first of its kind manufactured indigenously for Cold Bright Bar Drawing. It gives Bright Bar Drawing, straightening of any rolled, Drawn, Ferrous or Non Ferrous solid section in cold condition. This machine is engineered to give trouble free long life.


Drawing Machine:
Drawing Machine is of box construction type made of heavy steel structure. it is provided with carbide TC die which ensures accurate & consistent drawing of Bright Bar upto 2.5 mm Minimum.

All gears are made of hardened Alloy Steel. To reduce overheating during operation oil is filled into the body. This also ensures the free movement of gear train & thus trouble free working of drawing machine. the wire thus drawn is coiled or machine itself.

Straightening and cutting:
Straightening and cutting off machines are used wherever wire is further process in the form of rods and where accurate straightening of coiled wire, clean cut, close length tolerances & high output are of importance.


1. Cutting Capacity three times as compared to the ordinary machines.
2. No bending no wastage or odd size cutting. Only accurate cutting of all lengths
3. Provided with double feed roller for accurate cutting and practically no load on Electric motor.
4. Provided with permanent long Life Carbide or High Speed Steel Straightening Business.
5. All the gears and feed Rollers are made from special steel and duly hardened Bearing are heavy duty and the machine is fully covered.

Body & Base:
machine is multiplate box construction type assembled on a rigid   Base plate. The Space in between two housing has been utilised to accommodate gear    train of bottom spindle drive. The base of machine is fabricated out of M.S Channels   and Plates. On this platform, the body of machine, reduction gear box and electric motor are mounted, thus making machine self contained. A very light foundation is required.

The machine is equipped with master On-Off Switch. An extra control Panel is    provided which is enclosed type, easily accessible for better monitoring complete with Transformer, Contractors & fuses.

The Straightening:
The oscillating rotating spinner isan advantageous feature when dealing with oscillationg movement during the cutting operation prevents to a great extent the wire from tearing or becoming deformed (forming knots).
The rotating spinner contains five pairs of straightening block which are easily and quickly adjusted. Being liable to natural wear, they are of simple design to enable the user to make replacement in his own works.

The Cutting Off:
The cutting-off Tool-Flying share (60" moment) is of a simple construction, easy to adjust. Flying share cuts & push the bar into the polishing unit.

 Size of Bar Drawn
 3 - 8 mm
 4 - 12 mm
 5 - 16 mm
 Motor (Total HP)
 30 HP
 35 HP
 47 HP
 Drawing speed in m/min.
 Aprox. Weight of M/c. (in Tones)

Note : As we are constantly striving for improvement, we reserve the right to modify the design and price of the machines without notice.